In today's world, many precious creatures teeter on the edge of extinction, pleading for our support to ensure their continued existence. Ignoring their plight could consign them to the annals of history, leaving future generations to only dream of these magnificent beings through pages and screens, much like the legendary dinosaurs of old.

Embracing this ethos, Tomorrow Myth presents a selection of six endangered animals, seldom seen by the public eye: the elusive Tree Pangolin, the majestic Iberian Lynx, the soaring Philippine Eagle, the serene Green Sea Turtle, the regal Grevy’s Zebra, and the colossal Blue Whale. Transforming these endangered species into mythical creatures, our designs draw inspiration from the fantastical illustrations found in the Shan Hai Jing (山海經), an ancient Chinese tome bursting with imaginative beasts from land and sea. Through this reinterpretation, we aim to provoke reflection on the precarious status of these animals and the urgent need for conservation efforts.

Our mythic creations take shape in the form of wearable pins, seamlessly integrating into your daily attire as fashionable accessories. Moreover, they serve as poignant reminders of our responsibility to protect and preserve the wonders of the natural world. Share the gift of awareness with friends and loved ones, sparking conversations and inspiring action for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Limited Edition

Black x Gold Limited Edition of TOMORROW MYTH

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